georgettes skin therapy

Restore, Revitalize, Re-YOU!

Restore, Revitalize, Re-YOU!

Restore, Revitalize, Re-YOU!Restore, Revitalize, Re-YOU!Restore, Revitalize, Re-YOU!

About Georgette


A True Passion For Her Profession - and YOUR Skin

Georgette has a life-long passion to help women and men becoming their best “them” - feeling good and beautiful in their own skin! With more than 1,100 hours in esthetician training, she takes a personal interest in your skin - and your skin care. 

Following her education and training at the prestigious Florida College of Natural Health, Georgette began in her practice, serving residents from all across the Tampa Bay area. 


A Commitment to State-of-the-art Technology and Products

In 2010, she made the “entrepreneurial leap” to open her own business in downtown Tarpon Springs, and is focused on bringing her clients the latest in “state-of-the-art” skin treatment and products.  


What that means to you: Personalized Treatments and Individualized Care for your skin