Introduce your skin to a transformation

Take the challenge out of a clear complexion

Are you troubled by acne, aging, pigmentations, scarring, pigmentation or sensitive skin? We’ll craft the best fit and formulation for you from the finest, holistic, medical skin and wellness solution-based products.

Customized Skincare
Your skin worries are more manageable than ever before. We offer a wide range of rewarding, personalized routines.
Advanced Skincare
Transform how your skin performs and its appearance with Osmosis MD, Hale & Hush™, and ABI Dermaceuticals.
Gentle and Effective
Only clinical, medical-grade products designed for dermal health and nutrition are applied and recommended.

It is time to show your skin some love

Following a skin goal evaluation, we cleanse with a gentle, exfoliating enzyme mask, antioxidant repair mask, and refreshing eye treatment. Enjoy a warming arm massage to relax your stressors away for a total upper body experience. Finish your time with a luxurious hydrating neck and décolleté massage.

We have a passion for protecting your skin

My dedication is those troubled by skin conditions and those who wish to achieve and maintain healthy, vibrant skin. As a licensed facial specialist and paramedical esthetician serving Greater Tampa Bay, I have clinical knowledge of how skin functions concerning general wellness. My number one goal is to provide results-oriented education.

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There's an art to looking and feeling your best

I strive to use products that improve, correct, and nourish your skin from the inside out. Georgette’s Skin Therapy proudly uses Osmosis Pur Medical Skin Care, Hale & Hush, and ABI Dermaceuticals.

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You’re not alone against Pandemic Pores

Stress, unusual schedules, and disrupted sleep have left several of my clients suffering from what I’m calling “pandemic pores,” where the stress inside our bodies has started showing up on the outside. While I can’t make all the stress go away, I can share some tips to help you maintain healthy-looking skin during these times.

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Dry, dehydrated skin

Flaking, dryness, and tightness are all signs your skin is not getting enough moisture. Our pores can’t function properly when our skin is not adequately hydrated. Quick Fix: Bump up your moisture with an added hydrating serum, like my 100% pure Hyaluronic acid or a non-clogging facial oil.

Emerging blackheads

Your pores are getting full of excess oil and debris if you can see blackheads on your face. While you cannot reduce pore size, we can reduce the appearance of their size by keeping them clean. Quick Fix: Get back on track with your morning and evening skin care routines and don’t sleep in your makeup. Add a gentle exfoliant two times per week.

Jawbone acne

Whatever happens on your chin and jawbone, know it’s connected to your hormones. Heightened levels of stress and anxiety can cause these types of breakouts. Quick Fix: Add an acne spot treatment to blemishes. Try ABI Corrective Treatment Gel. Take time to meditate, make exercise apart of your stress relief routine, and create a daily moment of Zen in a quiet place.

Get ready to look and feel your best.

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